Wednesday, March 14, 2007 goes live

After years of hard work we have finally been able to launch a Christian Based Hosting service to help the small businesses in the area to get on-line. is the portal through which we plan to bring the small businesses in Wayne and Holmes County to the internet. Offering managed hosting packages for as low as 9.99 a month we know we can offer service to these often overlooked consumers.

If you would like you own website for your home based or small business, or even just for fun please look us up as

Good day and God Bless

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Daily Record News Release

To update everyone, we have been traveling around the country showing our product at home shows and have received very positive responses.

Recently I ran into a reporter for the local newspaper at a show and was offered an interview.
The Article was very nice and I appreciate the reporters efforts. The article can be found here

For anyone who has seen the article there were 2 errors I would like to correct,
1st the post is 40 inches with a total height of 54 inches and
2nd the prices quoted did not include shipping and handling and
3rd the prices quoted were not for a complete kit but for the base unit only

Hope to see you at the next show in Columbus Ohio on March 16-17.

More details to follow.